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Custom builds, weird questions?

I make a TON of custom models, dual pickups, selector switch cbg's, short scale basses, dulcimer guitars etc...

Bluesboy Jag Acoustic/Electric CBG

Hand Wound or Humbucker Magnetic Pickup

I can make ANY of my cigar box guitars an acoustic/electric. If you see one you like that doesn't have a sound hole, I can put one in for no extra charge.

I use sound hole in the upper, lower or both front bouts and F- holes to make acoustic CBG's. Because cigar boxes are smaller than regular acoustic guitars, acoustic CBG's are not as loud as acoustic guitars. Contrary to popular belief, the larger sound holes to not create a louder acoustic CBG sound. You can play without disturbing your wife or husband while they read the paper. They are great for recording: put a high quality recording mic in front and you're good to go. You can also use them live with the proper mic and PA setup.

Most people order acoustic/electric CBG's which means they have both a pickup and (a) sound hole (s). There is no extra cost to add sound holes to an electric CBG you may see on my order page, just let me know by emailing me when you make the order.

Here Are Just A Few Examples of Acoustic/Electric CBGs That I've Made Over the Years:

Distressed Cohiba

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