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Acoustic Electric CBGs

1 String Diddley Bow Guitars

2 String Diddley Bows, Slide Basses

Dog Bowl (Dogjo) Resonators

Dulcimers, Dulcitars


NEW! Electric Washboard


6 String Cigar Box Guitars

NEW! CBG/Bass Combo

Play bass and guitar at the same time!

You Order A CBG, I'll Pick the Box

CBG's with Matching Amps

Cigar Box Amps

Don't see what you're looking for? I build to order, pick your box: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 stringers,
diddley bows, resonators, CBG/Bass combos (3 guitar strings, 1 bass string)too!

Questions? Don't see a box you want?

Any CBG Can Be Made As A Fretted or Fretless Guitar, Acoustic/Electric
and Can Have A Single Coil or Humbucker Pickup

"The BBJ 3 stringer plays absolutely super and is built like a tank.
It hangs with the electric guitars like you wouldn't believe,
in short - it works and it works real real good!
Out of all my CBG family instruments, it's my Steady Eddie.
Always in tune, always ready to go, always
delivers the goods. I am well pleased. Thank you for making such a well
made instrument that a gigging musician can afford and be proud of."

S.Williams, Vincent OH

JAG's the real deal!!! I've played his cigar box guitars and they absolutely rock.
His cds are mandatory listening for any prim-rock wannabe.

-Shane Speal, self-proclaimed king of the Cigar Box Guitar

Already Own A CBG But Don't Know How To Play It? Order my "How To Play A CBG CD Here"

The Details

All boxes are 100% wood or simulated wood, not cardboard.
Easy enough for adults OR kids to play.
My hand wound magnetic single coil or humbucker pickup installed for amplification
Meticulously hand sanded and shaped
Approximately 2 octave neck!
Play it acoustic or 'electrically'.
Hang them on your wall for that extra decorative touch.
The best quality guitar jack.
Makes a great travel guitar!
Red oak neck - hand made, the best wood for a guitar neck, light and very easy to fret and resistant to bowing.
Traditional style wire frets for intricate chording and excellent tone.
Signed and serialized.
High quality tuning machines
Yes you can play this puppy live on stage - it never fails to sell a few CD's!
Most models have a 5th 4th 3rd and 2nd strings, however you can use heavier guage strings.
I use mine to play live shows at local venues.
Each guitar is hand made and unique, no two are alike or sound alike.
The Cigar Box Guitar will be packed professionally and securely, making sure that it arrives in perfect condition.
Custom artwork available on request - email me for a quote.
Contoured and lowered headstock for better playing.
Contoured (rounded) underside of neck for easy playability.
Reinforced top and bottom and corners for added durability.
Several coats of lacquer on each box for added durability.
Strap buttons
Because these are made of used cigar boxes, each CBG is unique and not always factory perfect, some have minor dings and scratches, giving it a vintage look and patina.
Tune it however you like, the FREE instruction DVD has many tuning variations.

All CBG's Can Be Made With 3 or 4 Strings and Humbucker or Hand Wound Pickup, Sound Hole and Gold Corners

I Sell More Than Just Cigar Box Guitars!

Email Me if You Want One You Don't See Here


Beginner Guitar Players: A Fretted 3 String CBG Makes An Excellent Beginner Guitar!

Flyer CBG

Skull#16 CBG

Beatles "I'll Follow the Sun" CBG

Blame It On My Gypsy Soul

3 String Grateful Dead Tribute CBG

Lil Mojo Acoustic/Electric Fretless Cigar Box Guitar $99

Dogbowl Resonators!

1 or 2 String Reliced Distressed Diddley Bow

Aroma De Cuba Humbucker 3 String

3 String Avo Uvezian Acoustic/Electric

Gorgeous Indian Mandala CBG

Beautiful Manadala CBG

Beautiful Circular 'Day of the Dead'Manadala CBG

Cuesta Rey 3 String Humbucker

Jaime Garcia Acoustic/Electric

Drew Estate 4 String

Plain Wood Acoustic Electric 3 String

Oliva Acoustic/Electric 3 String

Aroma de Cuba 3 String

Avo Uvezian Chocolate *HOT SELLER!*

3 String 'Dog Bowl' Resonator

Gorgeous 3 or 4 String Acoustic/Electric

3 String Le Bijou Humbucker

Gorgeous 4 String Acoustic/Electric Humbucker

Gorgeous 3 or 4 String Camacho

Stunning Camacho In Powder Blue

Gorgeous F Hole Acoustic Electric Humbucker or Single Coil (Shown)

NEW! Gorgeous Reliced Acoustic/Electric 3 or 4 String

My Fathers Cigars 4 String

Chocolate Avo Heritage Acoustic/Electric

Punch 4 String

La Aroma De Cuba 4 String

Black Punch Guitar

Gorgeous Indian Mandala 3 String

Gorgeous Comacho 3 or 4 string.

These are beautiful boxes. I have several colors available: Orange, yellow, powder blue.

3 or 4 String F-Hole Acoustic/Electric

San Cristobal 4 String


Punch Little Mojo Fretless Acoustic/Electric $99.99!!

Transducer Pickup. Your Box Color May Vary Depending On Stock

Email Me To See If I Have A Cohiba Box In Stock, This Is A Hot Seller!

Cohiba 4 String (I Have Several Alternate Boxes For This Model)

Grim Reaper. Dedicated to my father's WWII Bomber Wing

Charlie Patton 4 String. Grandfather of the Blues!

Gold Corners

Java 4 String

Arturo Fuente 3 String Fretless $99.99!!


Bluesboy Jag CBG/Bass Combo

Bluesboy Jag CBG/Bass Combo

Two Instruments In One!

This is a Build To Order CBG and One of My Hottest Sellers. Play Bass and Guitar At the Same Time With A Slide!

When you slide to a chord on the guitar, you are also sliding to the same bass note - great for one man bands!

Diddley Bow With Hand Wound Magnetic Pickup

This Is A Build To Order Diddley Bow Artwork May Vary Depending On Stock

Hand Wound Magnetic Pickup, 10,000 winds. This sucker SCREEAMS!

Tobacco Sunburst F Hole

This Is A Build To Order CBG

3 String Strum Stick (Dulcimer)

This Is A Build To Order CBG - I can Ship In Two Days. A strumstick is a dulcimer played like a guitar. Great for kids and easy to learn, there are no wrong notes!

Pick Your Box Here

1 String Diddley Bow Guitar

You'd be amazed at what you can do with a one string guitar! Many acts are using these in their

live performances across the country these days in blues, rock and metal bands.

This thing will cut your head off with it's razor tone! HOT SELLER!

All diddley bows have one string and a magnetic pickup. You can use any string but I usually put a 6th string on my diddleys. I also put artwork on them from my many cigar boxes so your artwork may vary.

Hand Wound Single Coil Pickup Diddley Bow

$109.99 +$25 Shipping.

Punch Transducer Lap Style Diddley Bow


Two String Resonator Dulcimer Cigar Box Guitar

A Dulcimer Guitar Is A Dulcimer You Play Guitar Style Instead on Lap Style. These are also known as 'Strum Sticks'

Single Coil Pickup $199.00 + $25 Shipping

Dulcimer Guitar with Humbucker Pickup (Best Tone)

$219.00 + $25 Shipping

Resonator Cigar Box Dulcimer With Pickup

$239.00 + $25 Shipping

Due to high demand I can't always have dozens of cbg's pre-built.

If you'd like a CBG built for you out of another box, email me to see what boxes I have available.

To order a CBG that is not currently available, click the apopriate "add To Cart" button below

and I'll make it for you in under a week with my choice of cigar box.

The pictures below are examples only.

CBG only $199.99 + $25 shipping

Includes FREE How To Play CBG CD and FREE metal slide

Pick A CBG That's Ready To Ship Here

Pick Your Custom Box Here

Six String CBG only $299.99 + $25 shipping

See A Video of of A 6 String CBG

See several different Bluesboy Jag 6 stringers on this page.

CBG and amp $279.98 + $25 shipping

Includes FREE How To Play CBG CD and FREE metal slide

See the matching cbg and amp boxes you can choose from here.

CBG/Bass Combo Guitar


Includes FREE How To Play CBG CD and FREE metal slide

1 bass String, 3 Guitar Strings

Play bass and guitar at the same time!

Two Outputs: One for Bass, One For Guitar!

Electric Washboard

$99 + $25 shipping

3 String Little Mojo Fretless Acoustic/Electric Cigar Box Guitar

$109.99 + $25 shipping

PLEASE NOTE! Your Box May Look Different Than the Box Shown Below

Includes FREE metal slide

Diddley Bow (with magnetic hand wound pickup) $99.99 + $25 shipping

Hand Wound CBG Pickup $19.99 + $10 shipping

Pre-soldered with guitar jack and volume control already attached, no soldering required!

Audio sample #1.

Audio sample #2.

Each pickup includes wiring already soldered to the pickup. This includes a volume pot and guitar jack. No soldering needed. Installation manual included.

I use very strong Alnico V andneodymium magnets that are the industry choice for electric guitar pickups, not cheap hobby shop magnets.

These pickups use industry standard copper wire and several thousand winds per bobbinfor that extra HOT tone, just what Bluesboy JAG CBG's demand. Warm, full tones for mellow guitar passages and STINGING 50's style hot overdrive for when you REALLY wanna knock 'em dead!

See My Pickup Page

3 String Pickup

4 String Pickup

Cigar Box Amp (7 watts) $79.99 + $10 shipping.

All amps are 7 watts and run off a 9 volt battery. They are plenty loud enough for livingroom jamming. All my CB amps have external speaker outputs so you can plug them into the PA or a larger amp. I use this setup live and can get a GREAT tone thru my Fender amp.

Guitar Sound Clip

Blues Harp Sound Clip

See My Amp Page

How To Play A 3 or 4 String Cigar Box Guitar Video CD



Over an hour of video closeups.

How to tune a CBG

How to play slide on a fretless CBG

How to play a fretted CBG

Licks, tricks and tips

Intricate fingerstyle picking and chording

Includes instructions on how to play "Baby please Don't Go"

Basic Music Theory

Bluesboy JAG CBG Manual


" I've been playing six and 12 string guitar (on and off) for 30 years, within an hour of watching Jag's video, I learned more about playing fingerstyle and slide than I've picked up from the countless books and competing videos

I've wasted money on over the years. I can't recommend or endorse Jag's video lessons highly enough. It's opened up a whole new style of playing for me.

Jag's video makes it simple. You'll learn most all of what you need to know about fingerstyle and slide in nothing flat.

In short....Doughboy says "Buy it!"

Thanks again,

Ron "Blind Doughboy" Marr

Bluesboy Jag and the Juke Joint Zombies at King Biscuit Blues Festival, 2014

Jag at the 3rd Annual Cigar Box Guitar Festival, Huntsville, Al 2007

A Bundle of CBG necks.