JagWerks Studio





My 1948 Kalamazoo tube amp

Note the two inputs and just one volume knob. Recently refurbished with a speaker re-coning and a new tube, the other three tubes are stock!!

A re-issue of a classic guitar, the Regal resonator. A GREAT dobro style guitar at an awesome price.

My Canadian Simon and Patrick Cedar guitar. An excellent choice for blues or any style of music. This one has an incredible bass response as well as a fantastic neck and easy playing action.

A Fender Squire P Bass. $169 and it sounds like a $600 Precision!

A Fender Squire Strat, again, $169 and you cannot tell the difference between it and a $600 Strat (trust me, I'm not exagerating, I tested it against American Strats at the music store). I attached a Roland guitar synth pickup on this bad boy so I can use it as a guitar synth. I have recorded many honky tonk piano songs with this setup and it sounds like genuine piano. I also use it for sax, flute, percussion, oboe, bassoon, you name it.

In late 2004 I picked up a Roland Micro Cube battery operated guitar amplifier. WOW! This little puppy has some BALLS! While it's only 2 watts, it's plenty loud enough for jam sessions with a full band (as long as the drummer is using brushes) as well as waking up your roomate : )

I use it to play at the River Market in Little Rock with my acoustic guitar. It has flanger, reverb, delay, chorus and several COSM guitar amp simulator settings that sound really good for a battery powered amp that costs just $125.

Se the Roland web site for more details on this gem.

Fender Squire Telecaster

Don't let anyone tell you Squires' suck. This monster is the best guitar I've ever owned (and I've been playing for 30 years). Awesome tone, the frets are like glass, it's the perfect size and it can play rock, jazz, blues, country, even open tuned R.L. Burnside style slide. Cost me a whopping $200 from the Fat Possum people.

Music Mac 112RD Single 12 inch speaker, 100 watts, reverb, two channels. AWESOME!

Three string cigar box bass, using heavy guage Elixir guitar strings. Fretless, electric.

Montgomry Wards (RIP) Global acoustic guitar. My very first guitar (1978). The frets wore down so I turned it into a slide guitar and added a pickup which was modified by putting it into a candy tin. I use this guitar for coffee house gigs.

Makala tenor uke.

My main cigar box guitar. Four strings (A, D, G, B) tuned to an A chord. Humbucker pickup.

Ducitar. A Dulcimer neck on a cigar box body so you can play it guitar style. Piezo pickup.

One string diddley bow, electric piezo pickup.

Cigar Box Tenor Uke

Lap Steel

Fretless 4 string cigar box guitar, piezo pickup.

My main three string cigar box guitar, piezo pickup, A, D, G strings. Fretless.

Resonator cigar box guitar, piezo pickup, cooking utensil resonator.

Rogue Banjo. Excellent deal for $100.

Gretsch G5120

Awesome tone, really nifty Bigsby tremolo, great for jazz, blues, rockabilly, country. One of my favorite guitars.

Harmony Stella Student Guitar. Stella guitars go way back to the 20's. They were used extensively by original blues artists as they were the most affordable guitars of the era. This one is from 1973 and it's a FANTASTIC blues guitar, excellent blues tone and great for slide. As you can see I have modded it by adding a hand made transducer pickup. This pickup was used to record this version of "Black Betty" by Leadbelly.