Bluesboy Jag Sunburst F-Hole Cigar Box Guitar


Sunburst F-Hole Cigar Box Guitar

3 String $299.99 + $35 shipping. Free How To Play CBG Manual

4 String $299.99 + $35 shipping.

Sunburst F-Hole 3 String (I Can Make A 4 Stringer As Well)

  • Hand Wound or Humbucker Magnetic Pickup, uses any electric guitar strings
  • Signed and serialized
  • Professionally Made Smack Dab in the Middle of the Delta For Professional Musicians
  • The Same wire frets Gibson and Fender uses for intricate chording and excellent tone.
    Contoured and lowered headstock for better intonation.
    Contoured (rounded) underside of neck for easy playability.
  • Hidden single coil pickup to preserve the unique cigar box artwork. The pickup is inside the box, all that is visible is the screws/pole pieces.
  • Most models have a 5th 4th 3rd and 2nd strings, however you can use heavier gauge strings.
  • Red oak neck - hand made, the best wood for a guitar neck, light and very easy to fret and resistant to bowing
  • Tuned to Open A: A E a (Tune it however you like)

I make sure the action (string height) is low enough for regular fretting but high enough for slide playing. A lot of CBG's have strings up to an inch above the fretboard (!) That's way too high even for a slide only CBG but if you like your strings crazy high or crazy low, you can adjust the neck height with the neck bracket I put on all my CBG's.


3 String $299.99 + $35 shipping. Free slide and How To Play A CBG Video CD

4 String $299.99 + $35 shipping. Free slide and How To Play A CBG Video CD

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